-  B u i l t  i n  H e r t f o r d s h i r e              

                    ​​​​​​​H a n d b u i l t  b i c y c l e s -  


We understand commisioning a custom bike to be built can be a big step for some people and ive even been there myself. Here is a small breakdown of the process to give you a better understanding of what goes into ordering a custom bicycle and how you can go about the process. Communication is key for something that is handcrafted just for you, so if your a little unsure of something or simply want to just run an idea past me then feel free to get in touch, this way at the end of the process you can be sure you are left with a bike that not only works and performs how you dream a bike should, but a custom one off bike built especially for you and you only.

Step 1.

Every bike from the Hamilton workshop is tailor made and unique to the individuals measurements, needs and desires. The ordering process first simply starts off from an email or phonecall from yourself briefly explaining what your looking for from your bicycle.

Step 2.
Based on our conversation I will prepare a detailed quote for you.

Step 3.
Once we've discussed and agreed the quotation I require a 50% non refundable deposit to secure your place in the build queue. I will then schedule a fitting session with Dean Taylor at fit-me-up if you require one, or if your happy with your current bike we can use that as a reference point and go from there.

Step 4.
I will then set about designing your bike from the ground up using BikeCad software and the information we get from your bike fitting to create a bike thats going to fit and work perfectly underneath you, using the best tubesets and parts available. Its also the fun part of the process as this is where we can talk about what options and extras we can include in to your one off bicycle and also start to come up with paint ideas and finishes.

Step 5.
​As soon as your happy with the design and I get your final confirmation, I will order materials and your bike is then added to my build schedule.When you are at the top of the queue I will contact you 2 weeks prior to me starting fabrication and will keep you up to date with its progress. Build times vary depending on complexity but on average turn around is 6 weeks. 

Step 6.
Once the build is complete the final balance will be due before delivery/collection.