-  B u i l t  i n  H e r t f o r d s h i r e              

                    ​​​​​​​H a n d b u i l t  b i c y c l e s -  



​Bronze service​


Basic service for bikes that have little use

  • Brakes checked and set up/adjusted
  • Gears checked and set up/adjusted
  • Tyres inspected for wear/damage and inflated to correct PSI
  • Checking drivetrain for wear then degrease and lubricate
  • Bottom bracket checked/adjusted
  • Headset and handlebar assembly checked/adjusted to correct torque

  • Any advised work is noted and priced for you


My most popular service I offer for bikes in regular use

  • Includes all elements from the Bronze package
  • Brake cables inner/outer replaced 
  • Gear cables inner/outer replaced
  • Wheels trued and spoke tension checked
  • wheels dishing checked/adjusted
  • Frame cleaned and inspected for damage/wear
  • Wheel hubs and bearings checked/adjusted

  • Any advised work is noted and priced for you

Gold service


The best option for a heavily used bike

  • Includes all elements from the bronze and silver packages
  • ​Bike is fully stripped to its bare components and frame
  • All components are cleaned/degreased and relubricated if required
  • Wheel hubs are stripped/degreased then rebuilt and relubricated
  • Headset is strippe/degreased then rebuilt and relubricated
  • Bike is fully valeted

  • Any advised work is noted and priced for you

​Silver service

Alongside custom bicycles I also offer a comprehensive range of servicing packages to help keep your bike riding smoothly all year round. Depending what package would suit you best depends on how often you ride your bike and what sort of terrain you ride on.​​​​ I also offer a pick up and drop off service for a small fee in and around Hertfordshire for people who find it difficult to get their bikes to me or who simply dont have the time. If you would like to know more or to book a service with me please fill in the form at the bottom at the bottom of the page or contact me via the contact page and I will get back in touch with you within 24hrs.